Exact Calculator Software

Exact Calculator - The Ultimate Visual and Programmable Calculation Pad

Exact Calculator is designed for those wanting to calculate in both Metric and English Units and keep a copy of the calculation for review and future reference

Exact Calculator is a great tool for Contractors and Estimators and any one who may wish to save and review their calculation at a later date

Exact Calculator allows you to see ALL your working calculations line by line


  • Allows you to make corrections to the current calculation line or a previous line
  • Subtotals and Totals
  • Save your calculation and re-open it - add and/or correct it
  • Print your entire calculation
  • Convert millimetres/centimetres into metres, square metres and cubic metres
  • Convert feet and inches into feet, square feet and cubic yards
  • Contains advanced scientific functions sin, tan, cos...
  • Fully programmable with a Visual Basic style interface

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Example calculation of the volume of concrete in a floor slab surrounded by footings

  • Calculation of Volume of East West footings x 2
  • Calculation of Volume of North South footings x 2
  • Calculation of Volume of floor slab
  • Total Volume of concrete
  • Calculation can be printed and saved for future reference


  • Simple Command Interface
  • Keyboard entry
  • Mouse Click entry


  • Simple multiplication and division
  • In keeping with standard programming as there is no Multiply × or Divide ÷ symbol on the keyboard
    • The asterisk * symbol is the multiply symbol
    • The slash / symbol us the divide symbol


  • Multiple lines of calculation
  • Grand Total for calculation

Multiply 3 linear lengths and get answer in cubic feet


  • Multiplication of English Units
  • Conversion of answer from cubic feet to cubic yards
  • Total in Cubic Yards

Both English and Metric Units Available

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